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The Trail Blazer's Game
Outdoor Orienteering and GeoCaching Challenge


The Trail Blazers Game is Team Craft's unique outdoor team building experience that engages small teams on a hike in the woods with a series of fun and challenging problem solving situations. It offers opportunities to experience the benefits of effective teamwork within and across teams.

In The Trail Blazers Game, Team Craft combines aspects of orienteering, geocaching, and ropes challenge course activities, and then we add our own unique elements to form a game where teams race to score points that can contribute to a shared win at the end.

The activity involves using hand held GPS receivers to locate specific locations where teams then find challenge activities they need to complete to score points. Among the activities is a geocaching phase that involves hiking off-trail in the woods using a map and compass to find hidden caches containing fun prizes for every team member.

Successfully locating caches, solving word puzzles, decoding messages, and participating in challenge activities earn a team points. Teams that win the highest number of points receive engraved teamwork medals for their members.

A shared win option at the end of the game involves all the teams pooling their points to obtain pieces to a large jigsaw puzzle that, when assembled, reveals a picture and a message relevant to the participants.

The experience is a real adventure; it's stimulating, challenging, and unpredictable in fun ways.

Work Applications: The main intent of Trail Blazers is to make a memorable impression on participants from all levels of an organization on the critical need to work to support the whole organization, while they still operate in their own work groups and deal with their own internal challenges. An action planning session at the end of the game has participants identify specific actions, based on how the game played out, that they can apply going forward.

Teams Can Experience and Learn

·        The need for and benefits from interrelated teamwork;

·        Skills in effective problem solving and communication;

·        Team based leadership, personal initiative and cooperation;

Who Can Benefit from the Trail Blazers Experience?

·        Organizations targeting total teamwork;

·        Professionals from throughout the regions or divisions of a large organization;

·        Multiple intact work teams from throughout an organization.

Program Flow

·        Preprogram customizing to target specific company objectives;

·        The Trail Blazers activity in a large outdoor setting with skilled facilitators

·        Action Planning Session following the program.

Program Logistics & Locations

Participants can number from 24 to more than 120.

Program length from 4 to 6 hours.

Program locations require an area of approximately one-square meter (approx. 1/2 mile sq) which can be located in an area park, convenient to your group.

Program resources use the latest GPS and digital mapping technology.

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Learning to use the map and compass

Trail Blazers Hike

Learning to use the map and compass

Trail Blazers Hike

Learning to use the map and compass

Retrieving a control point marker

Group planning

Trail Blazers Hike

Time to rework the plan

Taking a bearing

Trail Blazers Hike

Group Discussion after Trail Blazers

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