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Most everyone enjoys a contest, especially when its filled with suspense around being the most creative, clever, and witty team in the room. Great team organization skills and collective sparks of brilliance will be demonstrated by the most entertaining and successful teams in one of our Team Tournament formats.

These competitions leave everyone refreshed and enthusiastic about great teamwork. Teams don't beat each other up, rather, they show their smarts by producing great solutions to off beat challenges. Some losing teams may wind up crying, but it'll be from laughing too hard at the wacky turn of events that you couldn't script, as teams demonstrate their best efforts to their peers.

Any one of the three formats described below will likely be the best remembered session at your meeting, which makes it a great platform to demonstrate effective team skills and to develop lasting relationships. If you have at least 3 hours and 30 people, one of these sessions is sure to be a great jump-start, re-energizer, or grand finale event to compliment a schedule of more cerebral meetings. Contact us for more information about scheduling a Team Tournament for your upcoming event.

The NEWEST ACTIVITY is the Mini Golf Classic: (3.5 to 4 hours) a fun competition where each team designs and constructs a hole for a miniature golf course, establish par for their hole, and then challenge each other to a tournament. Teams, with from 5 to 9 participants, rotate through the circuit encountering varying handicaps and hazards to see which team achieves the best score.

View Brochure__Download a Mini Golf Classic "PDF" activity description.

Bridge Builders (4 hours) is a fun, lightly competitive, and suspenseful event that draws on effective planning, communication, and a variety of other team skills to create the best bridge.

Teams of from 8 to 15 participants are challenged to build a 3 foot long bridge using paper, foil, sticks and other select materials provided by Team Craft. After making a plan, each team splits in two sub-teams to build their halves in different locations. Communication between sub-teams is limited to simulated phone calls, e-mails, faxes, and an express shipment of raw materials.

When construction time is over, the two halves are assembled. After short presentations touting their bridge�s design attributes, each bridge is tested to determine its load bearing ability. Team members determine the bridge�s load challenge and are vying to build the strongest bridge compared to other teams. Teams must also incorporate multiple elements of quality into their bridge building. Teams aim for success across five other dimensions as well: build-to-plan, length, aesthetics, efficiency, and symmetry.

Winning teams receive medals for effective teamwork. A debrief at the end of the program ties the building experience to the challenge of coordinating teamwork across locations in the work arena. To see a sample schedule click on the Bridge Builders link below.

View Brochure__Download a Bridge Builders "PDF" activity description.

Eggs in Space (3 hours) Teams explore new frontiers in creativity in this lightly competitive and fun challenge activity. Teams with from 8 to 12 participants design, construct, test, and launch devices to catapult eggs to a large bulls eye target on the floor or ground. Teams also develop presentations that tout their inventions using eggisms that really crack people up. The program can be conducted either indoors or outside.

Successful teamwork requires that each team develop a creative system of devices, and that they communicate effectively among sub-teams that work on different aspects of the project. Teams earn points the closer their capsule lands to a bulls eye target , and extra points for not cracking in the process. Highest points in the pecking order go to teams that land eggactly in the center of the target area. Other awards go to those deemed eggxemplary in collyolkialisms, and eggstraordinary design.

By the end of the activity will a team have something to cluck about or will some have egg on their face? Effective teamwork will likely make the difference! A debrief discussion at the end of the activity, led by the facilitators, links winning team strategies and behaviors to effective team practices in the workplace. To see a sample schedule click on the Eggs In Space link below.

View Brochure__Download an Eggs_In_Space "PDF" activity description.

In a Mega Teams Tournament (3 to 6 hours) company teams enjoy fun activities involving both competitive and collaborative skills. If you have from 40 or more, all will be fully engaged in this fast paced series of clever challenges. The more participants, the more fun and entertaining the festivities!

Participants are assigned to a team with up 12 participants, which is part of a larger multi-Mega Team devised for the program. Scores are kept of each team's performance in a series of activities. Depending on the challenge, success requires collaboration with some teams and competition with others. Figuring out a winning strategy is part of each team's challenge from the outset.  

There are a wide range of both indoor and outdoor activities to select from. These include customized company oriented word puzzles: crossword, word search, anagrams, and word jumbles. Your corporate identity - product names, slogans, culture elements, technical knowledge - are woven into these challenges to reinforce a general theme or important point for your gathering.

A debrief at the end of the session encourages discussion of the program message: that we all need to know when and who to compete with and when and how to collaborate, and to do both well to win the big game together.

At the conclusion, an "awards" ceremony recognizes teams with the highest scores. Team Craft facilitators draw out participant insights on winning strategies and great results.  

View Brochure__Download a Mega Teams Tournament "PDF" file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

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Bridge Builders


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Mega Teams

Working to solve a company oriented crossword puzzle

Working to deliver at the best reliable predicated time

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