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San Diego Team Building Programs

Team Craft provides fun and effective team building programs to organizations that are from - or visiting - San Diego. Here are 3 good reasons to select Team Craft to provide your next teambuilding program:

  1. Experience Counts! - With over 20 years of designing and providing great programs, we know a lot about effective teamwork and providing experience based programs. We apply that knowledge in ways that make programs fun, engaging, and useful for all participants.

  2. We offer a wide array of program options: the programs described below are our most popular and can be provided in the San Diego area. We are continuously developing additional programs. If you don't see exactly what you are looking for below, explore the website and/or contact us.

  3. Cost Effective: We are committed to providing great value for your money. We will work with you to find a program cost that meets your constraints without sacrificing quality. We aim to exceed your expectations with a great experience.

We are - from our roots and education - focused on how teams learn and grow from direct experience.

Explore the options below, from City Sleuth scavenger hunts to large group Team Tournaments. Visit the web site by clicking on any description below, and contact us to plan your next team building experience. Click on any of the program banners below to be taken to the page on the web site where you will get more details. You will also find a PDF that you can download to share with others. We will provide you with a detailed proposal specific to your requests once you contact us with your details.

Click here to go to Program Overview sheet for City Sleuths San Diego team building. City Sleuths is Team Craft's upgrade from a scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Experience San Diego�s Gaslamp Quarter. It may well be the most successful urban revitalization project of the 1990�s. This old section of downtown San Diego is now the home to upscale shopping and dining amidst the history of the early days of the city. Participants discover kitschy and humorous work of newly settled artisans mixed with historic elements�from the city�s oldest surviving house - a prefab structure purchased via mail order from Maine in 1850 - to the classy US Grant Hotel, among dozens of other entertaining curiosities.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for The InterActive Teams program - a series of fun and provocative problem solving activities that promote team skills and mindsets for collaborating across boundaries and locations � within and between organizations. Participants interact in a team with up to twelve people, which is paired with another team, which then set out to conquer a challenge for which they share the same goal. Can be conducted indoors or outside.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for Team Craft's movie making and film festival program. Movie Studio involves everyone in a fascinating project that supports real teamwork and produces a lasting result. The process has each team identify a message they want to convey and then decide how to best communicate this message, i.e., length, style, script, story line, imaging, etc. With their plan in mind, members assume various roles and responsibilities to bring the production to life.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for Bridge Builders Team Tournament - a fun, lightly competitive, and suspenseful event that draws on effective planning, communication, and a variety of other team skills to create the best bridge. After making a plan, each team splits into two sub-teams to build their halves in different locations. When construction time is over, the two halves are joined. Each bridge is tested to determine its load bearing ability as teams are vying to build the strongest bridge.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for Eggs In Space Team Tournament where Teams explore new frontiers in creativity in this lightly competitive and fun challenge activity. Teams with from 8 to 12 participants design, construct, test, and launch devices to catapult eggs to a large bulls eye target on the floor or ground. Teams also develop presentations that tout their inventions using eggisms that really crack people up. The program can be conducted either indoors or outside.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for Raft Craft. Invention, moxie, strategy and luck; add teamwork, a beach on a refreshing lake, bay, or pool, lots of unusual flotation materials and Team Craft's experiential learning approach. Tie it all together and you've got the winning ingredients for fun and memorable team building on a hot day. This two-part program involves building and then racing rafts in small teams. And of course, lots of good clean fun.
Click here to go to Program Overview page for Team Craft�s ROPES Challenge Activities. Team Initiatives provide an exciting and fun way to develop effective teamwork, build relationships, and sharpen problem solving skills. The most popular activities are the mildly physical Team Initiatives that typically involve all team members solving a challenge together on the ground. These activities engage participants in team dynamics that challenge team skills. This program uses mobile materials and can be conducted indoors or outdoors.

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