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Team Craft’s ROPES Challenge Course provides an exciting and fun way for adult work groups to develop effective teamwork, build relationships, and sharpen problem solving skills.

Team Craft's ROPES challenge course format focuses on the ground level Team Initiatives that are mobile, don't require fixed props, and can be done indoors as well as outside.

Most adult work groups focus on the Team Initiatives. Many people refer to Team Initiatives as Low Ropes.

Go to the Ropes Activity Descriptions Page for pictures and descriptions of all of the challenge course activities.

Team Initiative Activities
The most popular ropes activities are Team Initiatives. These fifty minute challenge activities are a fun mix of physical and mental challenges based on whimsical scenarios about a fantasy adventure. A program typically consists of a series of these activities that can be chosen by the client before the program. Each activity gives the team an opportunity to practice effective problem solving in a fun atmosphere.

At the outset, the team gains agreement on the goal, how they’ll know when they’re successful, and then decide what they need to do to achieve it within a tight time limit. The team brainstorms solutions, identifies their action plan, and then works out the solution. Invariably, spontaneous and often wildly humorous situations occur that transfix everyone’s attention, and make for a memorable event.

Program Characteristics & Logistics:

Design the program that best fits your team. You select the level and also choose the activities.

Program Length: Programs range from 3 to 8 hours in length. The longer the program the more insight and confidence a team builds. Contact us for sample schedules of a program that fits your desired timeframe.

Budgeting: A typical program’s cost ranges from twelve to thirty dollars per person per program hour. Price varies with number of participants, customization needed, location, and length of the program. A typical program involves at least one full activity team and at least one-half day.

Group Size: Activity teams include 8 to 12 members. We can also accommodate smaller teams, and several activity teams can be involved in the same program.

For larger groups, see Team Craft's InterActive Teams format. These activities are similar to Team Initiatives, but involve two teams working on the same challenge at the same time. This format encourages collaboration across boundaries and locations in an organization.

Program Locations:
Team Initiative Activities are very mobile and can be done in any open area anywhere – indoors or outside to fit your preferences.

Common Learning Themes:

Team Initiative Activities

• Group problem solving skills

• Valuing Personal Differences

• Effective Communication

• Leadership / support roles

• Dealing with Change

• Setting and Achieving Quality standards

To see a description of some Team Initiative activities, go to the Activity Descriptions page.

For more information go to Team Building General Information and Team Craft FAQ's (frequently asked questions).

View Brochure__Download a Team Initiatives "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

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