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Executive Retreat - Meeting Design and Facilitation

We help teams maximize the benefits of off-site meetings. We provide the atmosphere necessary for focused thinking that is lively, productive, and fun. We help you build effective working relationships. We utilize effective meeting processes that promote collaboration of thought among participants.

  • Build relationships, focus on important issues in an open setting, intersperse fun and insightful activities at important interludes

  • Maximize participant involvement and gain buy-in.

  • Engage in lively dialogue that's facilitated by a knowledgeable professional.

  • As relevant, leave with a written summary to focus implementation and follow-up.

  • We converse in advance with meeting stakeholders to understand your needs and preferences and then propose a plan for generating the results you want. (1 to 3 days)

    Scenario Based Strategic Planning

    Our strategic planning approach moves from situation analysis to efficient decision making using techniques that promote agreement and timely execution of plans. (1 to 3 days)

  • Employ a team approach to strategic planning.

  • Use innovative tools for brainstorming, critiquing, and defining a strategic plan that updates your mission, vision, and values.

  • Identify an implementation strategy that focuses on needed skills and identifies clear roles and responsibilities.

  • Other Meeting Facilitation
    from Small Executive Meetings to Large Corporate Gatherings

    Are you looking for a more productive way to conduct your next management meeting or gathering that will produce a more lively and engaging atmosphere?

    Team Craft Experiential Meetings are facilitated to raise good questions, explores creative alternatives, and draw out everyone's best ideas to produce agreement and shared team ownership.

    We'll design a meeting that produces results using a blend of engaging and fun team problem solving processes. We involve everyone in lively interactions using well tested yet innovative meeting tools.

    Use an On-line Discussion Forum before and/or after your next in-person meeting 

    New meeting technologies for both online and blended settings (in-person and online mixes) benefit from appropriate process skills. While these new advances make collaboration across distance and time possible, knowing how to use them effectively is not as intuitive or common sense as appears on the surface.

    Team Craft brings the power of an Action Learning environment to this new technology. We provide in-depth support to Executive, Sales, and Global Teams that recognize the opportunity to utilize these technologies to advance their success.  

    An on-line discussion forum is one of the most productive and highly lauded process tools to add to your meeting plan. It is a productive means for gathering new ideas and learning about each other's work.

  • Minimize the learning curve for adopting valuable new collaborative technologies.

  • Minimize time and distance barriers to effective project coordination.

  • Team Craft can moderate first initiatives to enhance effective communication and decision making long term.

  • Hold a Discussion Forum prior to an Executive Retreat that optimizes limited in-person meeting time and promotes on-going collaborative efforts.

  • The Forum is hosted and moderated by Team Craft. It is an asynchronous process (anyone can contribute at anytime) that builds on each otrhers' input. There are no barriers from time or distance constraints.

    Team members from across the globe can access a forum when it is most convenient for them to read and post to discussion topics that are focused on critical issues to the team.

    Team Craft sets-up the process on secure and password protected web pages that ensure confidentiality among authorized participants, or we can support your own technology.

    Team members post thought provoking and insightful ideas on a level not typically experienced in a short meeting. The accumulated content of each discussion topic can be used to better focus and jump start an in-person meeting, or can serve as a way to keep a conversation going after time runs out in a meeting. The moderator poses questions and polls the group as appropriate.

    Recent research commissioned by the U S Army Research Institute has found that electronic discussions produce higher quality initial and final solutions to complex problems than face-to-face discussions. Participants operate in an environment that gives equal weight to all input, and input is better thought out before being shared.

    Contact us to discuss how we can provide this service for your team.

    View Brochure__Download a Meeting Facilitation "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

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