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Teamwork in the Workplace
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Action Learning at Team Craft
Our programs get people actively involved in the learning. We combine experiential activities with specific skill training that is immediately useful. Seminars allow time for more in-depth discussions, personal assessment, and team action planning than an experiential team building program schedule. For added impact, they can be done in combination with a team building session, e.g., InterActive Teams or City Sleuths.

Team & Personal Behavior Styles and Communication Skills

During a Team and Personal Styles seminar participants . . .

  • Learn about each other's personal behavior styles and how they affect communication.

  • Explore Team Craft's CONNECT model which suggests ways to ensure the message is understood among all parties involved.

  • Consider effective communication techniques for specific work situations.

  • Practice the skills during experiential team building activities.

  • Team member behavior styles are identified through a computer generated analysis based on a survey administered to each team member using valid and reliable survey instruments.

    To learn more click this link: "Team Style Analysis"


    Team creativity is a skill set that is shared among team members. The CreativiTeams program involves participants in activities that stimulate the creative process.

    • Understand characteristics of creativity and innovation.

    • Identify natural roles within the team that promote creativity.

    • Experience how these dynamics play-out using fun activities.

    • Learn how to initiate innovative process in the workplace.

    • Can be conducted in 3 to 8 hours. The longer the program the greater the potential for a real jump start back at work.
    View Brochure__Download a Creativity & Innovation "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

    Team Leadership Skills

    Effective communication, brainstorming, planning, and project tracking skills need to be shared and practiced among team members. Facilitation of these processes is an important skill to develop in team leaders.  

    Organization designs and technologies that promote teamwork are only as effective as the team leadership. Leaders need resources to develop healthy relationships and to create a team environment that attracts and retains the best skilled people.

    During a Leadership Seminar . . .

    • Participants identify their leadership characteristics.

    • Assess the leadership needs in their current work environment.

    • Explore practical leadership qualities, and how to apply them in various work situations.

    • Participate in a simulation to apply and reinforce learning.

    • Develop a personal action plan.

    Promote Collaboration Throughout Your Organization

    Take full advantage of the benefits of a team oriented work place. Team Craft can conduct a series of team building and skill development programs across your organization.  

  • Identify a plan to promote a company-wide team environment.

  • Provide training to develop a positive culture and climate that fits your shared values and work styles.

  • Initiate cross-functional collaborations to respond to customer needs.
  • Concurrent team building sessions orient teams to shared work goals across boundaries and encourage the use of a common approach.

    View Brochure__Download a Collaborative Skills "PDF" Acrobat file for printing this information and sharing with others offline.

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