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About the Company
Team Craft develops and provides team building programs, executive retreats, and team leadership workshops. Our programs apply innovative technologies, current research, and skilled facilitation. Team Craft has been developing and refining its experiential learning approach since 1989 and has provided its services to over 300 companies and organizations with participants from across the globe.

The Team Craft mission is to share teamwork values and skills through experiences and resources that are effective, enjoyable, and truly educational.

The National Science Foundation awarded Team Craft an Innovative Research grant to explore ways that teamwork can be supported online. A new team process model emerged from this research we call HighPerTeam. New programs will use this model to support team leadership training.

Our work allows us to continually observe and learn effective ways to support high performance teamwork. We keep in mind the following ten observations as we deliver our services:  

  • Teams are the most productive resource a company has available, provided the teams operate with skilled members, clear goals, effective process, and shared accountability.

  • Effective teams share interpersonal and problem solving skills among its members.

  • The best way to learn to be a team is to do the learning actively together, so that team process relevant to the group, is observed, discussed, and refined by everyone involved.

  • There are general principles and practices for being an effective team. Yet every team also has characteristics that are unique to its circumstance and make-up. Members should be free to identify the best means to achieve their goals.

  • Effective team members adapt personal behaviors respective of others on the team.

  • Team leadership principles and practices can be incorporated into the many roles on a team. Team leadership is most effective when shared and coordinated among team members.

  • Often, teams are only as effective as its organization encourages or allows it to be. Individual performance appraisal and reward systems need to support team performance by assessing and rewarding, in light of team involvement.

  • Effective teams often reflect a positive company culture, which they reinforce and further develop.

  • Reseach has demonstrated that the distinguishing characteristic of a high performing team is that the members are deeply committed to each other's personal and professional development.

  • Most things get done in an organization through informal networks that are built upon positive interpersonal relationships that are developed among employees.

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About the People of Team Craft
Rich Weider - President and founder, has a wide range of experience and education in organization, team, and personal development. Prior to founding Team Craft he acquired and managed a highly regarded fitness center, spearheaded an award winning real estate development, worked on the corporate staff of a major healthcare company, and served eight years as a program director at the Outward Bound School in Colorado.

Rich received an MBA from Cornell University and a masters degree in experiential learning from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has done additional graduate work in organization studies and group process. He is a past president of the Association for Experiential Education.  

Team Craft's highly talented and credentialed associate staff include professionals with strong backgrounds in organization development, corporate training, group process, and interpersonal skills. Included below are short bios on two Senior Associates that have been with Team Craft for several years. Additional associates support large and special programs.

Noel PompaNoel Pompa -Noel's excitement about experiential learning is contagious. Dozens of corporate teams have gotten caught-up in his enthusiasm and zeal for experiencing life to the fullest. Hundreds of children and adults in Latin America and Eastern Europe have benefited from his involvement in the Association for Experiential Education's ongoing outreach projects.

Noel is a San Antonio native, fluent in Spanish, proficient in Russian, and shares his joy for life as the director of counseling and training at a major youth services agency in the Alamo city.

Noel is an adjunct faculty member at the School of Social Work at the University of Texas in Austin. Noel is also an interpersonal relationships coach for several college sports teams.

Noel has more tools in his experiential bag-of-tricks than most anyone anywhere. He has been conducting Team Craft programs for over ten years.

Greg Glover - is a full-time counselor and facilitator with fifteen years of professional experience. In addition to corporate groups, he has worked in the adult Corrections system and trains SWAT teams in teamwork and communication skills.

Greg currently serves as director of experiential learning programs in the Leander, TX ISD, overseeing five state of the art Challenge Course facilities, training and supervising dozens of staff facilitators, and serving thousands of students and community groups.

Greg is also a talented musician, actor, avid mountain biker and dedicated parent.

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