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Team Craft provides a wide range of team building programs, meeting facilitation services, and collaboration / communication skill learning. Our approach promotes effective and shared team leadership in fast paced organizations - whether globally or locally. Our programs are FUN, INSIGHTFUL, and PROFESSIONAL on all levels of delivery.

Below are short descriptions and direct links to our team building programs and services. You can also use the links to the left to find the information you are looking for. Explore our web site to learn about the many options available to you. Use our contact form (Request A Quote) or call us for more information and to receive a detailed proposal.

View Brochure__ Download an Overview "PDF" for a ready reference that provides a summary of our main programs with links to more information on the website. It also provides background about Team Craft and a list of companies and organizations that have participated in Team Craft programs.

If you're looking for something that isn't described here, please contact us. We may know of a source or we may be able to develop a specific resource for you.

Get ready for some serious fun!

Team Craft Overview
Go to this page to learn about our approach to team building,
and summary overviews of our programs.

For further background about Team Craft and to see our extensive client list
click the "About Team Craft" link in the menu above left.

City Sleuths Scavenger Hunts
Several small teams solve fun riddles in an entertaining team building activity in
Austin, Baltimore, Charleston, SC, Denver, Fort Worth, Galveston, Las Vegas,
New Orleans
, New York City, Philadelphia, Princeton, San Antonio, San Diego,
Washington, D.C., or a city of your choosing. (2.5 to 4 hours / 6 to 60 participants)

InterActive Teams
Several teams work together in engaging and fun activities - either indoors
or outdoors - to foster teamwork within and across teams.
(2.5 to 8 hours / 15 to 150 participants)

Team Tournaments
Mix-it-up with a variety of fun mental and physical challenge
activities for from 24 to 240 or more participants:
Bridge Builders (4 hours); Mini Golf Classic (3.5 hours);
Eggs In Space (3 hours) or Mega Teams Tournament (4 to 8 hours)

Movie Studio - Movie Making Team Building Program
Ready, camera, action! A most memorable team building innovation.
Team members assume all the creative roles to produce a short movie.
An Oscar may be in your future!
(7 to 9 hours / 20 to 100 participants - multiple design options)

Raft Craft - Raft Building and Racing Team Building Program
Team members build a raft from unusual materials and then
race it in a refreshing competition with other teams.
(2 to 3 hours / 20 to 100 participants)

The Trail Blazers Team Building Game
In The Trail Blazers Game, Team Craft combines aspects of orienteering, geocaching, and ropes challenge course activities, and our own unique elements to form a game where teams race to score points to contribute to a shared team win at the end.
(4 to 6 hours / 20 to 60 participants)

ROPES Challenge -Team Initiative - Ground Level Team Building Activities
Choose from a wide range of fun ground level mobile
ropes course activities that we bring to you.
Many people refer to Team Initiatives as Low Ropes.
(2.5 to 8 hours / 8 to 30 participants - for larger groups see InterActive Teams above.)

Team Craft also provides state-of-the-art Action Learning Seminars
that promote Collaboration Skills. See below.

Train-the-Trainer Programs
We can team-up with your training staff to provide a cost effective program for large groups. We can also work with your in-house staff to develop ongoing team programs like new employee orientations and on-demand team tune-ups.
Contact us to discuss the possibility.

Workshops for the Workplace

A Workshop is presented in conjunction with
experiential team building or as its own program.
Topics include:

Identify Team Members' Personal Behavior and
Communication Styles for Optimal Teamwork

Scientifically based analysis of behavior and communication styles specific to your team members and shared insight to promote real teamwork. DiSC based team and personal communication styles. (90 minutes to 6 hours)

Identify team skills that promote creativity and innovation.

Team Leadership Practices
Learn practical approaches to build high performance within and across teams.
Learn Team Craft's comprehensive High-Per Team model developed with support from
The National Science Foundation.

Promote Collaboration Throughout Your Organization

Provide a team building series across your organization.

Executive Retreats &
Meeting Facilitation

Executive Retreats
Build relationships, have productive review and planning sessions, provide fun and insightful team building in a well balanced schedule. Combine Team Building Programs and Workshops with a focus on developing an Executive Team. (1 to 4 days)

Scenario-based Strategic Planning
Use a team approach to Strategic Planning. Engage in a series of steps designed to get the best ideas from everyone and gain buy-in for decisions.

Facilitating your next gathering
We provide all you need to kick-start a large gathering with fun get-to-know you activities. We can fit into your schedule as you integrate team building into important occasions.

Use an On-line Discussion Forum to prepare or follow-up from your meeting
Minimize the learning curve to use an on-line resource to support your in-person meetings.

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Working a riddle during City Sleuths

Working a riddle during City Sleuths

Lowering the Helium Tube

Racing hard during Team Raft Craft

Taking a bearing to find the right direction

Channels on the beach

Group Discussion

Passing between the islands

Action Planning at the end of the program

Planning out a meeting design.

Wild Woozy

Group Planning

A Learning Co-Lab Activity

Personal & Team Styles

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